Ruth Lynford received a Bachelor of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. As President of her firm Lynford Ltd., she has served a wide range of residential and commercial clients helping them to accomplish their aesthetic and functional objectives on time and on budget.


However, Ms. Lynford’s career has integrated a broad range of interests related to the world of design. She has devoted much of her time to design education, having founded New York Eleven in 1996. NY11 is a collaboration of 12 prestigious New York state educational institutions offering four-year programs in Interior Design who make an effort to reach the public and legislators with examples of student thesis work, exhibiting at the Untied Nations, New York City and in Albany, the Capital of New York.  She has held to the belief that the future generations of Interior Designers must perform at ever higher levels to achieve the confidence of the general public.


Ms. Lynford has been actively engaged in the political process necessary to achieve recognition for Interior Design as a legitimate profession. Her efforts led to the successful passage of legislation recognizing Interior Design as the 33rd profession in New York State. This legislation serves as a model for similar legislative initiatives in other states nationwide.  She is presently working to raise the bar of the Interior Design profession by constantly consulting with legislators.